Author: B'Elanna Paris

Title: 'To The Journey'

Rating: G

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Captain’s Log 54990.5

Well, this is going to be my last log on board Voyager. After spending three days on board Voyager, all the crew have been debriefed. Nearly all the crew have disembarked after two days. Starfleet have sent ten officers to evaluate

Voyager’s systems and are sending more after I have disembarked.

The Maquis members of the crew have been told after the massacre on Telvik’s moon during the Dominion War, that in Starfleet eyes, there will be no charges brought as they have proved themselves on Voyager.

All the crew have been offered apartments, to my knowledge only about a quarter of the crew have accepted. Many people are going to stay with there families whether that be on Earth, Vulcan or the many other places where my crew have come from. I have taken the Starfleet up on the offer of an apartment, my family offered to put me up but I feel I need some........ space if that could be an accurate word.

Tom and B’Elanna have accepted, as well, I hear that Admiral Paris had offered for them to stay at his house but Tom, B’Elanna and Miral felt that they wanted to set up home straight away. They have transported many of there belongings to there apartment are getting ready to leave today.

Tuvok has left for Vulcan with his family after his son performed the fal-tor-voh on him.

The Doctor has been offered, already, some postings by Starfleet Medical. Lt. Barclay has offered the Doctor somewhere to stay at his apartment.

Seven is having engineers work on her alcove, to remove it from Voyager, she has been taken to Utophia Plantia where she is speaking to some engineers from there about.

Voyager, ever since people have been disembarking for the past couple of days, it has gotten quieter and quieter. I feel a strange eerie feeling as walk through the corridors now.

I have asked the remaining senior staff to meet me in transporter room one, as we are the last to disembark.

I will have to agree with Harry that it is not the destination that matters, it is the journey. Even though we have suffered losses and many terrifying encounters, I have enjoyed the past seven years enormously. It has been a joy to work with this crew. I must finally thank Admiral Janeway for showing us the way home.

This ‘family’ is and always will be very special to me.

‘To the journey’