Author: B’Elanna Paris

Title: ‘Names’

Rating: G

Date: 10/2001

Disclaimer: All characters and Star Trek related material belongs to Paramount Pictures. No infringement intended.

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Takes place the day after Voyager has made it home in ‘Endgame’.


Tom heard the alarm go off, it was 07.00 he had to go an get B’Elanna and baby Miral in an hour and a half. He wanted to be there nice and early. He was going to sleep in Sickbay last night but the Doc had told him that he would do better he slept in their quarters tonight because he might not get a good nights sleep for a while.

As he was walking to Sickbay he could see the hustle and bustle of the crew, all eagerly picking there stuff and sorting things out with friends.

He entered Sickbay to see B’Elanna already dressed in some casual attire. Black slacks and a navy blue t-shirt. Miral was in a cot asleep. He had brought a carry cot for Miral to be put in.

B’Elanna saw him come in. "How you feeling this morning?" he asked.

"A little sore, and tired, Miral only woke two times last night so it wasn’t that bad."

"Good." he kissed her on the lips, he could actually get right to her now without her belly being between them.

"We’ve still got to officially register her name, so it’s what we agreed, right?" B’Elanna said.

"Of course, Miral Sophia Paris." he said.

The Doctor came in from his office, "Good Morning, Mr. Paris."

"We’ve got to register the baby, Doc."

"Of course, I have the details on this PADD if you two would like to review it."

The Doctor handed Tom the PADD where he gave it to B’Elanna, he read it to make sure everything was in order. "It’s fine." she said.

"Now, Mr. and Mrs. Paris all you have to do is put your names to it."

Tom’s head shoot up to look at the Doc. "What did you say?"

"Mr. and Mrs. Paris you have to put......"

Tom turned to B’Elanna who had a huge grin on her face. "I’m taking you name." she admitted. About half way through her pregnancy she began toying with the idea. Her daughter was going to be called, Paris, she would be the odd one out she thought. The other reason was that she hadn’t taken it his name was because she was afraid, Tom might leave her one day but they had resolved that in Sickbay, nearly seven months ago. Also it was practical, but now they were back in the Alpha Quadrant....

She had begun to say the name out loud to see if it sounded good and it did, ‘B’Elanna Paris’.

"B’Elanna are you sure?"


Tom looked at her for a moment. What was going on in that head of hers, he thought. He had to admit he liked it, ‘B’Elanna Paris’ he always thought that name rang true more than ‘B’Elanna Torres’.

Tom pulled B’Elanna into a tight embrace. They then both put there names to the PADD which held Miral’s birth certificate. The Doctor went back into his office to upload the information on to the computer, he then give them the PADD back.

"No doubt, Mr. Paris," he began, "you will want to replicate a hand written certificate for prosperity."

"No doubt." B’Elanna said. Tom would probably hang it on the wall.

B’Elanna picked Miral up in the carry cot and they began to head for the door. B’Elanna turned back round as the Doctor walked back into his office. "Thank You, Doctor" she said.

"My pleasure, Lieutenant."

"We’ll try and pop in here before we leave, Doc." Tom said.

"Of course, I want to see my goddaughter before you leave." The Doctor exclaimed.

They turned back and headed for the door. Tom was beyond happy there was no word to describe it. He had his beautiful wife and daughter, his family, the Paris Family.