Paris/Torres - My Fan Fiction



To The Journey -9/2001

-Janeway's last log aboard Voyager after they get back to Earth. Set after 'Endgame'. Rated G.

Confronting Fears -9/2001

-Tom tells B'Elanna why he is avoiding speaking to his father & why he is scared. Set during 'Author, Author'. Rated G

Names -10/2001

-Takes place the day after Voyager has made it home in ‘Endgame’. Rated G

Will We Ever? -11/2001

-Blood Fever Coda. Tom & B’Elanna find themselves in each other’s arms until Vorik interrupt them again! Rated G.

Before I'm 30 -12/2001

-Nightingale Coda. Tom & B’Elanna discuss what they planned to have been doing when they got to thirty. Rated G

The Truth Hurts -4/2002

-Set during & after Memorial. CODA. Tom & B’Elanna are ignoring each other. Rated G