Food & Drink - T



Takar Loggerheads Eggs

Breakfast food, served by Neelix. (The Cloud)


Takka Berries

Fruit originating on Drayan II. (Innocence)


Talaxian Tomato

Vegetable from Talax. (Resolutions)


Talaxian Champagne

Kes' favourite beverage. (The Gift)


Talaxian Worm Root

Something Neelix put in Gar's food to make him feel sick. (Critical Care)


Tarin Juice

Beverage consumed by the Enarans. (Remember)



Tuvok while serving about the Excelsior served a Vulcan blend to Captain Sulu. (Flashback)

Admiral Janeway's Favourite drink as she gave up Coffee. (Endgame)


Terra Nut Souffle

Tuvok made this during 2376. (Riddles)


Tomato Soup

Tom Paris ordered some, his first day on Voyager. He prefers his hot & plain. (Caretaker)


Trakian Ale

Beverage. In the guise of Tom, the thief Steth drank it. (Vis a Vis)


Traggle Nectar

Beverage often served with breakfast. (Prototype)


Trellan Crepes

Kes' favourite meal. (Tuvix)


Triple Chocolate Weeki Fruit Sundae with Warm Fettran Sauce

Tuvok made this during 2376. (Riddles)