Food & Drink - P



Papalla Juice

Neelix used the seeds as an ingredient to an experimental breakfast drink. (Flashback)


Paris Delight

Blend of Coffee created by Neelix to honour Tom's breaking of the Warp 10 barrier. (Threshold)


Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Tom thought of this as a comfort food as it reminded him of home. (Faces)


Pecan Pie

Janeway delighted a Sikarian magistrate with Pecan Pie. (Prime Factors)



Beverage often served hot. (Parallax)

Ensign Parsons likes it hot, with lemon. (Cathexis)


Pendrashian Cheese

Variety of pressed milk curd native to the Delta Quadrant. (Investigations)



Tom Paris craved pepperoni pizza with kavarian olives while he was mutating. (Threshold) 

Tom asked Neelix in 2374, to serve it a least once a week. (Mortal Coil)

Tom in a goodbye message told B'Elanna at lest there would not be any pizza lying around her quarters. (Once Upon A Time)

B'Elanna offered Tom some pizza. (Memorial)


Pistachio Cake with Paracream Sauce

Tuvok made this during 2376. (Riddles)


Plomeek soup la Neelix

Neelix's spiced up version of the classic Vulcan dish. (Faces)


Plomeek Soup

Vulcan Dish (Faces)

Neelix offered this Harry before he went on a mission. (Nightingale)



B'Elanna replicated some popcorn for Tom in 2376, to let him watch his new TV. (Memorial)


Porakan Eggs

Neelix prepared this as a breakfast dish aboard Voyager. (Flashback)


Pot Roast

A pot roast was ruined due to an overload in the heating array in 2373. (Macrocosm)


Potak Cold Fowl

Beverage. Only 27 bottles of it were in existence in 2372. (Parturition)


Potatoes; mashed

Tom Paris decided to buy some with the replicator rations he won, in the radiogenic sweepstakes. (Meld)


Pleeka Rind with Grub Meal

Neelix prepared this for the Voyager crew, it got mixed reviews. (Real Life)

Harry Kim occasionally ate it for breakfast. (Scientific Method)


Prime Rib

Tom Paris decided to buy one with the replicator rations he won, in the radiogenic sweepstakes. (Meld)


Potato Salad

Earth dish. Usually served cold. (One)

Tom made some for B'Elanna in 2378 for a picnic. (Renaissance Man)



Spice native to the Delta Quadrant. (Prototype)


Prison Rations

The Doctor while inside Seven's body enjoyed these. (Body & Soul)



Vegetable from the planet Nappinne in the Delta Quadrant. (Learning Curve)