Food & Drink - M



Macaroni & Cheese

Neelix made this for Ensign Ashmore for which it was a favourite. (Learning Curve)


Malkothian Spirits

Beverage distilled by the Alsuran Empire. This was the last remaining bottle. (Year Of Hell II)


Marob Root Tea

A Banean drink. Lidell Ren made some for Tom Paris in 2371. (Ex Post Facto)


Mashed Potatoes with Butter

Sam Wildman introduced Kes to this in 2371. (Elogium)


Moolt Nectar

Beverage, served by Neelix in 2374. (Mortal Coil)



Klingon Drink, to be drank on the Day Of Honour. (Day Of Honour)


Mushroom Pilaf

Side dish. (Real Life)


Mushroom Soup

Chakotay's favourite soup. (State Of Flux)