Food & Drink - L



L'Maki Nut

Hard shelled seed pod. Kes liked L'Maki nuts, they were on her birthday cake for her second birthday in 2372. (Twisted)


Landras Blend

Hot coffee like beverage native to the Delta Quadrant. Neelix served this as a substitute for real coffee. (Prototype)


Laurelian Pudding

White Pudding. Neelix served this aboard Voyager. (Learning Curve)


Leola Root

 Bitter tasting, yellow-orange tuber that is a good source of vitamins and minerals; native to a planet in the Delta Quadrant. Neelix sometimes prepares it for the crew. He also created a stew from Leola Root. (State Of Flux, Basics I, The Chute, Waking Moments & Thirty Days)