Food & Drink - K



Kalavian Biscuits

Pastry snack from Neelix. (Threshold)



Yellow fruit, resembles Earth's apple. Poisonous to humanoids, one bite and it results in choking and then a painful death. (State Of Flux)


Klingon Bloodwine

Klingon red wine. B'Elanna drank some in the Day Of Honour holodeck programme. (Day Of Honour)


Klingon Martini

Alcoholic beverage. Valerie Archer enjoyed it at the Quantum Cafe. (In The Flesh) 


Kylerian Goat's Milk

Beverage. Often used as a soporific. (Death Wish)


Ktarian Merlot

Alcoholic Beverage. Tom and B'Elanna enjoyed the 2282 vintage in 2374. (Scientific Method)


Ktarian Chocolate Puffs

The Doctor while inside Seven's body had three servings of this. (Body & Soul)