Food & Drink - F



Felada Onion Crisps

Hors d'oeurves. One of Neelix's specialties. (The Cloud)


Fergoit goulash

Vegetable stew. One of Neelix's specialties. (Parallax)


Flambe Noodles

Side dish of long, thin pasta served flaming. (The Chute)


Fire nut

A dry, one-seeded fruit, consisting of an edible kernel in a woody shell. Neelix brewed a potent coffee of this. (Mortal Coil)


French Toast

Bread dipped in a batter of beaten eggs and fried. (Real Life)


Fruit Cocktail

Neelix prepared this with Jello for the 37's whilst they were aboard Voyager. (The 37's)


Fudge Ripple Pudding

Dessert. Harry Kim liked fudge ripple pudding. (The Chute)