Food & Drink - C



Cardaway leaves; stuffed

Hors d'oeuvres. One of Neelix's specialties. 



To celebrate getting back from Earth in 1996, they drank this. (Future's End II)

Alcoholic beverage. After surviving a near death experience in 2373, Kathryn Janeway felt like celebrating with Chakotay with champagne and a moonlight sail on Lake George on the holodeck. (Coda)

Tom replicated some to celebrate the Christening of 'Alice' the ship with B'Elanna. (Alice)

To celebrate them making contact with through Lt. Barclay. (Pathfinder)

Tom and B'Elanna toasted as newly weds on the Delta Flyer at the start of their honeymoon, in 2377. (Drive)

While inside Seven's body the Doctor tasted this for the first time in late 2377. (Body & Soul)


Chateau Coeur

A variety of French Champagne. (Future's End I)


Chateau Lafite Rothschild

Fine red wine from the Bordeaux region of France. While in an Akritirian prison, Tom Paris dreamed of having a meal of crown roast lamb with  a 2296 vintage Chateau Lafite Rothschild, when he was free. (The Chute)


Chateau LaTour

This was avaible in Le Coeur de Lion in the French Resistence holodeck programme. (The Killing Game, I)


Chadre Kab

Yellow-coloured culinary dish. It was the first dish consumed by Seven. (The Raven)


Cherel Sauce

Drayan condiment sometimes served over takka berries. (Innocence)


Cherry Pie

Dessert food, consisting of a compote of cherries in a flaky crust. Tom Paris likes cherry pie. (The Chute)


Chili Burrito

Seasoned dish of meat, chili and beans wrapped in a flour tortilla, popular on 20th Century Earth. (Future's End I)


Chocolate Truffle

Small, rich, chocolate covered confection with a flavoured filling. (The Q and the Grey)


Circassian Fig

Fruit. (Learning Curve)



Coffee is Captain Janeway's favourite drink. (The Cloud) 

Chakotay preferred his hot, without cream or sugar. (Scientific Method)

Coffee has been Janeway's standing order for the last 7 years. (Shattered)


Coffee Ice Cream

Dairy confection made with coffee flavouring. Captain Janeway was fond of Coffee Ice Cream. (Persistence Of Vision)


Corn Salad

Dish made with kernels of a grain. Neelix prepared Corn Salad for Chakotay. (Faces)


Crown Roast of Lamb

Culinary main course consisting of a rack of lamb formed into a circle and roasted. Tom Paris dreamed of having this when he was free from the Akritirian prison. (The Chute).