Food & Drink - B



Baked Potatoes

An edible tuber, often served as a side dish. Often garnished with butter or sour cream and chives. (The Chute)


Baked Risan Potatoes

Seeds of a leguminous plant indigenous to Risa, baked and served as a side dish. (The Chute)


Baldoxic Vinegar

A salad dressing. Neelix used it on a salad of Orchids. (Tattoo)



Spicy vegetable dish. One of Neelix's specialties. (The Cloud)


Banana Pancakes

Flat cakes made from batter fried in a pan flavoured by a banana. B'Elanna human grandmother used to make them for her, they always put a smile on her face. (Extreme Risk)

B'Elanna had some again 2378, after she had been rescued from Quarra. (Workforce II)



Tom asked B'Elanna to replicate some beer when he began watching his new television. (Memorial)


Bergamont Tea

Made by the infusion of a perennial herb, Neelix drank this when he couldn't sleep in early 2375. (Night)


Bolian Souffle

The Doctor while inside Seven's body said that was bad. (Body & Soul)


Brill Cheese

Dairy food made from creamy pale green cheese. Neelix made this, from some schplict he obtained from the planet Napinne. Neelix made it for Ensign Ashmore, whom had requested macaroni and cheese. (Learning Curve)



Alcoholic beverage. Tom suggested he and B'Elanna celebrate the progress of the construction of the Delta Flyer by sharing a bottle of burgundy. (Extreme Risk)