Food & Drink - A


Ailis Pâté

Hors d'oeuvre. Neelix prepared it. (The Cloud)

Algae Puffs

Small green pastries. Neelix baked them for the Voyager crew. (Remember)

Almond Pudding

Dessert made from milk, flavoured with the fruit from an almond tree. (Unforgettable)

Anthraxic Citrus

A Delta Quadrant fruit, not unlike Earth's citrus fruits. (Flashback)

Antarian Cider

Chakotay keeps some bottles in a box in the Cargo Bay to keep, Neelix getting his hands on them. (Shattered)


Vegetable. The edible shoots of a perennial herb. Captain Janeway likes Asparagus for breakfast, but it is only available through the ration packs.