Crew Manifest - Earth - Barclay


NAME: Reginald Barclay


RANK: Lieutenant

SEX: Male

APPEARANCES: 'Projections', 'Pathfinder', 'Life Line', 'Inside Man' & 'Endgame'

BIO: Barclay is a member of the Pathfinder project that was set up to find a way home for Voyager after they made brief contact via the Doctor and the Hirogen Relay System in 2374. He made contact with Voyager in 2376, using the Midas array to enhance the signal they sent to Voyager. He has a cat named 'Neelix'. In late 2376, Barclay met the Doctor of Voyager who traveled via the data stream, to Earth to come to the aid of his creator, Doctor Zimmerman. A holographic representation of Barclay was sent to Voyager in 2377. Barclay witnessed Voyager come home, from the Pathfinder Lab. 

In an alternate future, Barclay taught at Starfleet Academy. He also helped Admiral Janeway, go back and change the past. 

ACTOR: Dwight Schultz