Tuvok is the only member of USS Voyager NCC 74656's senior staff with children and a long-term marriage back in the Alpha Quadrant. Despite this separation, and the other Delta Quadrant hardships, Tuvok is determined to maintain his steady demeanor by relying on logic and discipline.

During the long journey, Tuvok suffers repeated mental and physical assaults, including being taken over by the Komar in 2371, mind-melding with a Betazoid psychotic murderer in 2372, having his DNA combined with Neelix in a transporter accident, enduring a parasitic memory virus, resisting Borg assimilation, encountering the Ba’Neth in 2376, being used by a Bajoran named Teero to take over Voyager, and almost losing his identity after treatments for so-called Dysphoria Syndrome in 2377.

During his personal time, the Vulcan pursues solitary hobbies from his previous life including botany and meditative games like Kal-toh and Keethara. Even at these quiet, restorative moments Tuvok must con tend with prankster Tom Paris, the ever-bubbly Neelix, and undisciplined Maquis who are determined to find, or create, a chink in Tuvok’s Vulcan armor.

One of Tuvok’s greatest accomplishments is discovering qualities to respect in most of his colleagues, even Neelix, and his ability to tolerate the rest with equanimity. He never develops close relationships, but does work on off-hours projects with Tom Paris, B’Elanna Torres, and Seven. Only once, briefly in 2373, is Tuvok the focal point of Voyager’s normal social activities when his ‘Insurrection Alpha’ training holoprogram becomes an underground hit with the crew, who run the scenarios like a serial holo-novel.

Tuvok’s self control is challenged by two women- Marayna, who appeared on the ship as a hologram in 2373; and Noss, the survivor from the gravity well planet in 2375. Though he makes a true connection with them both, even admitting that the possibility of returning to his wife appears to be slim, Tuvok’s code of conduct forces him to decline their invitations.

Though overcoming each Delta Quadrant challenge, Tuvok’s hopes of returning home unchanged are doomed simply because his many extraordinary successes make him stronger and better Vulcan.