B'Elanna Torres


Daughter of the Klingon Miral and her human father John Torres she lived on, the Federation colony, Kessick IV until she joined Starfleet Academy. In her second year she dropped out and soon after joined the Maquis.

The B’Elanna Torres forced from a Maquis ship onto the USS Voyager, in 2371 is a thinned-skinned woman who hears criticism in friendly comments, doesn’t trust anyone who likes her, doesn’t respect anyone unless they’ve proven themselves to her and has a bad temper that’s expressed in physical violence. As a half- human, half-Klingon who respects neither culture, she is warring with everyone, including herself. However, since she’s also a brilliant engineer, honest and loyal, she’s an asset to any starship.

Torres becomes Voyager’s chief engineer soon after the Maquis and Starfleet crews are forced to integrate. It’s a job she wants and keeps, with much effort and a lot of help from Janeway.

In 2372 Torres receives the chance to confront her Klingon side, the cause of her personality problems, when Vidiian medical research splits her into a full human and a full Klingon version of herself. For the first time she understands that something positive comes from Klingon heritage. This insight, however, brings no peace of mind.

In 2373, when Vorik declares his interest in mating, one of the advantages to the coupling, he believes, is his ability to teach her mental discipline. Instead, she becomes affected by this Ponn Farr experience and reveals her attraction for Tom, something she preferred to keep secret.

Torres secretly reads Klingon romance novels, but admitting to Tom Paris that she loves is terrifying. Only when she is seconds away from death on the Klingon Day Of Honour in 2374 does Torres finally admit her feelings. After they are saved, the romance begins. Expressing some feelings opens the flood gates to Torres’ darker emotions as well. She finds herself taking terrible risks on the holodeck, until learning to accept others. Then, in 2376, Torres believes she must save her mother from Klingon Hell and, in doing so, gains some acceptance about her Klingon self.

In 2377, B’Elanna and Tom marry and, to their joint surprise, she soon discovers that she is pregnant with a baby girl. Her own childhood torments fresh in her mind, Torres is frantic to manipulate the DNA of the foetus so that it will be entirely human. With Tom’s love and understanding, B’Elanna is able to accept the child and herself.