Seven of Nine


In 2374, after being detached from the Borg Collective by Captain Janeway, Seven of Nine is angry, confused, and frightened. At the first opportunity she attempts to signal the Borg for rescue.

Janeway unrelentingly forces Seven down the thorny pathway to individuality despite the ongoing strife, and danger , her presence creates on board Voyager.

As a scientist and engineer, Seven is valuable. Her interpersonal style, however, is abrupt and condescending. She agrees to modify her behaviour only after learning that her approach , though efficient, reduces productivity.

In a few months, Seven gains enough trust to be allowed to manage the ship alone as it travels through a deadly radioactive nebula. It takes almost a year, though, before Seven grudgingly admits she would resist re-assimilation.

The next two years see Sevenís emotional life emerging through a roller coaster of experiences. Raising an advanced Drone who sacrifices itself for Voyager affects Seven deeply and mirrors a decision she must make some months later when the Borg Queen threatens the ship if Seven fails to rejoin the Collective. Seven makes the sacrifice, but is shocked when Janeway rescues her. Seven also goes on her first date, reconciles with members of her former Unimatrix, and becomes foster mother to several youthful Drones she rescues from the Collective.

The year 2377 begins with the discovery of a Borg Drone dream state reality, Unimatrix Zero, where Seven once enjoyed a relationship with a man named Axum. Axumís sudden call for help prompts Seven to demonstrate her new strength as she leads the attack on her former people.

A few months later Seven misses the emotional exchanges in Unimatrix Zero and secretly develops a romantic setting on Holodeck 2 that uncovers a terrible problem- Borg implants monitor and restrict Sevenís emotions. Fortunately, her new found pleasures in food are not inhibited. But in spite of the limitations imposed upon her from growing up Borg, Sevenís voyage of self- discovery is sure to continue with her new found romantic interest Chakotay.