Tom Paris


Son of a Starfleet Admiral Owen Paris, Tom is a graduate of Starfleet Academy where he majored in astrophysics but he was involved on a fatal accident that claimed the lives of three other Starfleet officers. Tom denied responsibility for the accident but later admitted he had falsified reports to hide his error. Tom joined the Maquis to pay his ‘bar bill’ but was caught on his first mission and sent to the New Zealand Penal Colony. Janeway gave him a lifeline when she offered him an observer post to find Chakotay’s missing Maquis ship.

In 2371, Tom Paris is stranded in the Delta Quadrant aboard a ship with Starfleet and Maquis crewmembers who can only agree on one thing- Tom Paris is irresponsible and no good. Other than Captain Janeway who needs his piloting skills, Paris’ only friend is Harry Kim. In the Delta Quadrant, Paris has had chance to prove himself reliable, brave and clever at the helm.

Paris also authors many holoprogrammes, beginning with Chez Sandrine, a holographic dive from his academy days in France. Though classified as immature and a womanizer, Paris is accepted by his crewmates. And also develops the ever fun Captain Proton holoprogram.

In 2372 Tom pretends to leave the ship as part of a daring, and dangerous, strategy that exposes the last Kazon-Nistrim spy on Voyager. This success solidifies Paris’ standing on Voyager and clarifies his own identity or free will. He becomes one of the most respected members of the crew, often saving the ship when all seems lost.

Tom continues to provide a party atmosphere when needed, and uses the holodeck for his 20th century hobbies. He also works with engineering and other disciplines to design a shuttle craft capable of Warp10.

In 2374 Tom also becomes the Doctor’s assistant after Kes leaves, forcing him to become a ‘nurse’.

In 2375 Tom has a crises of conscience over a Delta Quadrant water world. He disobeys orders and the Prime Directive, and must serve 30 days in the brig. For the first time, he has broken the rules over principle and is able to find closure with his father by way of a letter home.

In 2374, Tom began a rocky romance with B’Elanna Torres and through Tom’s determination to withstand B’Elanna’s personal demons, they wed in 2377. To their joint surprise Tom soon learns he is to be a father of a little baby girl.