Harry Kim


With the ink still wet on his Starfleet Academy diploma, Harry Kim assumes his operations post on USS Voyager in 2371. But the disciplined overachiever remains secretly nervous about his future.

Being lost in the Delta Quadrant, however, is not nearly as unsettling to Kim as being without the security of family and the structure of Starfleet’s career path to confirm his progress and point the way. Kim begins a friendship with Tom Paris, clearly an expert on life outside the system, and learns to his own benchmarks.

After three years of exemplary service in the Delta Quadrant, Kim realizes that though technically an ensign he needn’t act like one- not after all he’s seen and done. Kim’s campaign to expand his authority begins when he out-logics Tuvok in a staff meeting and wins his point about visiting an Demon class planet. By 2375 Kim sought and was assigned duty as Voyager’s night-shift captain. In 2377 Kim convinces Janeway he’s ready to lead the mission escorting a Kraylor vessel to its home and refuses Tom Paris’ help by saying he no longer wants to be the sidekick.

While Kim comes into his own as an officer, his romances are consistently hopeless. He falls in love with Marayna, whom he believes to be a holodeck character; then Megan Delaney ( when sister Jenny Delaney is the one who’s interested ); Seven of Nine; and then Tal, from a xenophobia species. Perhaps this problem connecting with the opposite sex stems from a belief that he will someday still be reunited with fiancée he left behind, Libby.

Another lesson Harry Kim never learns is to anticipate a Tom Paris practical joke. One thing Harry has never given up on, is the possibility of getting home.