Originally from the Ocampan Homeworld, Kes joins the Voyager crew in 2371 eager to investigate the universe. Though she possesses the intellect and appearance of an adult woman, Kes is only a year old. Kes’ first job as a new Voyager crew member is tending to the Airponics Garden.

Kes soon surprises herself and Voyager’s crew by exhibiting paranormal abilities and, via an astonishing capacity to absorb knowledge, learns to be the Doctor’s medical assistant. Kes’ personal life is upset, though, when she unexpectedly appears to enter a once-in-a-lifetime fertility phase.

By 2372 Kes is becoming independent: learning mental discipline and piloting from Tom Paris. Neelix’s jealousies both surprise and hurt. In an important role reversal, Kes mentors the Doctor , improving his bedside manner and encouraging self-expression. Kes briefly discontinues her telekinetic experiments after a rogue Ocampan pushes her too far and she nearly kills Tuvok.

In 2373 Kes’ body becomes the vessel for the mind of a vicious tyrant with no qualms about using Ocampan powers to overpower others. Though Kes is later restored, the experience gives her a new perspective and she breaks up with Neelix. Not long afterwards Kes, now three years old, almost leaves Voyager with an appealing traveler named Zahir.

Kes knows she’s ready for a change, but no one predicts that a chance connection with Species 8472 will initiate a chain reaction that, by the beginning of 2374, sees Kes experiencing uncontrolled cellular flux and powerful psychokinetic outbursts that imperil the ship. As she leaves Voyager, encouraged by Janeway to find her new destiny, Kes uses her powers to send the ship past Borg space and 9,500 light-years closer to Earth.

Unfortunately, the next few years are terrible for Kes, who cannot find a place to call home. Her difficulties and loneliness turn to hatred. In 2376 Kes returns to Voyager with plans to re-visit 2371 and rescue her past self from Janeway’s ‘corrupting’ influence. But the Captain short-circuits Kes’ resentment and helps her make the decision to return to her people.