Commander Chakotay


Chakotay’s sense of justice demands he discontinue his Starfleet career and become a Maquis resistance fighter in 2370. This decision accidentally lands him in the Delta Quadrant and back in Starfleet uniform in 2371 when he teams with the remaining U.S.S Voyager crew as Captain Janeway’s first officer.

This is not an easy choice for Chakotay, but it is the only chance he can give his crew to return home. During the first year on Voyager, Chakotay is at odds with both his former Maquis crew and with Janeway as everyone struggles to peacefully coexist.

Seska, a former crew mate and romantic interest, proves a particular problem as she leads an enemy force against Voyager and taunts Chakotay with the possibility of having fathered her child. This proves false, but discovering the truth nearly ends Voyager’s travels home and leaves Chakotay a changed man.

Not until Chakotay and Janeway are stranded, possibly for the rest of their lives, on a Delta Quadrant planet, in 2372 does the pair reach an understanding as people, not just as fellow officers. When they are able to return to the ship, sharing command easier.

Chakotay still does not hesitate to disagree with many of the plans Janeway conceives. To Chakotay’s practical mind, her strict adherence to Prime Directive protocols, plans to make an alliance with the Borg against Species 8472 and various other schemes seem to invite disaster. He does his best to support his commanding officer, but sometimes turns to Tuvok for advice on Janeway’s state of mind. Through Janeway’s actions, however, Chakotay renews his own belief in Starfleet and its principles- coming to peace with the Federation politics that indirectly killed his father.

Chakotay remains a strong believer in the faith of his native American heritage, which means that his family is very important. However, some of Chakotay’s deepest fears are about becoming crazy like his grandfather- a recurring theme in his vision quests.

Chakotay enjoys a very close friendship with Janeway, but this does not prevent him from a meaningful encounter with ex-Borg Riley Frazier in 2373, or Kellin, the Ramuran tracer, in 2374, or a brief flirtation with Valerie Archer of Species 8472, in 2375. He has a lot of affection for his captain but there are some barriers he won’t cross. He and Seven have embarked on a relationship, in 2377, where that may lead no one knows.