Aliens - K



Bio: Space faring civilization in the Delta Quadrant. There are many sects of Kazon. Hobii, Mostral, Nistrim, Ogla, Oglamar, Pommar, Relora. There are approximately 18 sects.

Main Characters: Jal Culluh, Jabin.

Episodes: 'Caretaker', 'Maneuvers', 'Alliances', 'Deadlock', 'Investigations', 'Basics I + II' & 'Shattered'.



Bio: Humanoid Warrior Civilization from Qo'noS, in the Alpha Quadrant. 

Main Characters: B'Elanna Torres, Korath, Miral Torres, 

Episodes: 'Faces', 'Barge Of The Dead', 'Lineage', 'Prophecy' & 'Endgame'.



Bio: Technologically Advanced Culture from the Delta Quadrant. In 2353 a major solar flare occured on the planet where they were, changing the weather pattern, 5 settlers survived in a hibernation system.

Main Characters: Kohl programmer, Kohl physician survived. 

Episodes: 'The Thaw'



Bio: Outlaws in the Delta Quadrant who worked near the Nekrit Expanse, they dealt in illegal substances.

Main Characters: N/A

Episodes: 'Fair Trade'



Bio: Technologically Advanced Culture from the Delta Quadrant. They attecaked Voyager with chroniton torpedo weaponary.

Main Characters: Annorax

Episodes: 'Before & After' & 'Year Of Hell I + II'



Bio: Native to the planet Ktaria VII. Samantha Wildman's husband, Greskrendtregk, was Ktarian, while Naomi was half- Ktarian.

Main Characters: Naomi Wildman

Episodes: 'Deadlock'