Aliens - B



Bio: Humanoid Civilisation from Bajor. They are deeply spiritual and were occupied by the Cardiassians, in the late 24th century.

Main Characters: Ensign Tabor

Episodes: 'Nothing Human' & 'Repression'



Bio: An technologically advanced culture. They are at war with their neighbouring culture the Numiri. Harry and Tom went on a mission to ask for assistance. Tom was accused of the murder of Professor Tolen Ren, Tom was later cleared.

Main Characters: Professor Tolen Ren, Lidell Ren

Episodes: 'Ex Post Facto'



Bio: Civilization from the planet Bolarus IX. They have light blue skin with a ridge running down the centre of their face. They can not have a blood transfusion from a Vulcan because they have a different blood chemistry.

Main Characters: Chell

Episodes: 'Prototype', 'Death Wish', 'Flashback', 'Repression', 'Lineage' & 'Endgame'



Bio: Technologically advanced culture. In 2374, the B'omar government permitted passage to the USS Voyager through their space, but imposed severe limitations on them that the Voyager crew elected to travel around their space. Voyager must pass through 17 inspections while in their space.

Main Characters: N/A

Episodes: 'The Raven'



Bio: Civilization of enhanced humanoids  from the Delta Quadrant. They implant themselves with cybernectics devices giving them great technological and combat capabilities. They minds exist as one called the Collective. The ships are usually Cubes or Spheres.

Main Characters: Seven Of Nine, The Borg Queen, One, Axum.

Episodes: 'Blood Fever', 'Unity', 'Scorpion I+ II'*, 'Drone', 'Dark Frontier I + II', 'Collective', 'Child's Play', 'Unimatrix Zero I + II', 'Imperfection', 'Endgame I + II'

*Indicates that from these episodes onwards Seven Of Nine was a main character aboard the USS Voyager.



Bio: A territorial people. Their psionic skills can cause delusions and individuals may experience secret desires.

Main Characters: N/A

Episodes: 'Persistence of Vision'



Bio: Humanoid civilization, native to the Delta Quadrant. They abducted 300 humans from Earth in 1937, to work as slaves. The slaves revolted and formed a colony. Voyager found them in late 2371.

Main Characters: N/A

Episodes: 'The 37's'