Tim Russ


Born, 22nd June 1956, into a military family in Washington D.C., Tim was raised on Air Force bases around the world. He spent time in the Orient and the Middle East before his family finally settled in Sacramento.

Russ’ first professional came while he was at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, when he appeared in the PBS Masterpiece Theatre production. But it wasn’t until 1985, eight years later, that he began to work full time at his trade.

Russ starred in ‘The Highwayman’ and ‘The People Next Door’. Tim had a recurring part in ‘Arresting Behavior’ which was loosely based on the reality program ‘Cops’ and he made guest appearances in ‘Freddy’s Nightmares’ and ‘Journey To The Centre Of The Earth.’

Russ has also appeared in numerous telemovies; ‘Dead Silence’, ‘Bitter Vengeance’ and ‘Heroes Of The Strom’.

Russ is a veteran of the stage as well, having appeared in numerous roles across the country. Most recently, Tim starred in an updated version of ‘Romeo And Juliet’. He has also appeared in ‘Dream Girls’, ‘As You Like It’, ‘Twelfth Night’, ‘Macbeth’ and ‘Cave Dwellers’.

While not acting, Russ finds time to indulge his other passions- music and film producing. An accomplished guitarist and vocalist, he has performed in a number of bands and stage productions during the past 20 years.

The versatile performer regularly plays guitar and sings at Los Angeles area venues, his brother Mike playing drums in the band as well.

Russ currently resides in Los Angeles.