Robert Picardo


Born on the 27th October 1953 and he was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Picardo graduated from William Penn Carter School. He then entered Yale University as a pre-med student, not aware that he was destined to ‘play’ doctor in a couple of shows. Before his stint on Voyager, Picardo was Dr. Dick Richards on the award-winning Vietnam series ‘China Beach’.

Robert changed his major at Yale and graduated in 1974 with a BA in Drama. Then enrolled at the Circle in the Square Professional Theatre Workshop. In 1976, Robert appeared in ‘Sexual Perversity in Chicago’ and ‘The Primary English Class’.

Picardo made his Broadway debut as the lead in the comedy ‘Gemini’. He went on to co-star in ‘Tribute’ on Broadway and in Los Angeles. His work in theatre also includes ‘Beyond Therapy’, ‘Geniuses’ and ‘The Normal Heart’.

Robert was nominated for an Emmy for his role of Mr. Cutlip in ‘The Wonder Years’ and he was awarded for the Viewers for Quality Television Founder’s Award for his performances on ‘The Wonder Years’ and ‘China Beach’.

Robert has appeared in many telemovies including, ‘Fatal Deception: Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald’, ‘The Second Civil War’, ‘White Mile’ and ‘Menno’s Mind’. He had recurring roles on ‘Home Improvement’, ‘LA Law’ and guest-starred in such series as ‘Ally McBeal’, ‘Early Edition’, ‘ER’, ‘Tales from the Crypt’, ‘Amazing Stories’, ‘Benson’, ‘Taxi’ and ‘The Outer Limits’.

In feature films, Picardo was seen in the comedy ‘Small Soldiers’, ‘Wagons East’ ‘Gremlins II’, ‘Innerspace’, ‘The Burbs’, ‘Back to School’ and ‘The Howling’. He made a cameo appearance in ‘Star Trek: First Contact’.

Robert has also directed the Voyager episodes; season three’s ‘Alter Ego’ and season six’s ‘One Small Step’.

After Voyager, Robert has guest starred on 'Frasier', 'Justice League' and 'Crossing Jordan'. He has a movie called, 'Until Morning'.

Robert resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Linda, and two daughters.