Ethan Phillips


Born on the 8th February 1955 and raised on Long Island, New York, Phillips grew up as the only boy of six children. He received a Jesuit education in New York, and attended Boston University where he graduated with a degree in English Literature. He went on to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree at Cornell University.

Phillips began his acting career in the theatre, appearing in such Broadway and off-Broadway productions as ‘My Favourite Year’, ‘Measure for Measure’, ‘Lips Together, Teeth Apart’ and ‘Modigliani’.

Phillips is best known for his extensive television work. Audiences will most likely remember him for his five seasons as Pete Downey on ‘Benson’. In addition, he had a recurring role in the nightmare drama ‘Werewolf’ and guest-starred on numerous shows including ‘NYPD Blue’, ‘LA Law’, ‘Murphy Brown’, ‘Chicago Hope’, ‘Law & Order’ and ‘From the Earth to the Moon’. Phillips also appeared the ‘The Next Generation’ as the Ferengi Dr. Farek in the episode ‘Menage A Troi’.

But Phillips is no stranger to feature films either. Star Trek fans recognized him in human form as a holographic nightclub maitre d’ in ‘Star Trek: First Contact’. He starred in the film ‘For Richer or Poorer’ and appeared in the movie ‘Jeffery’. In addition, Ethan can be seen in the films ‘The Shadow’, ‘Wagons East’, ‘Man Without A Face’, ‘Green Card’, ‘Bloodhounds of Broadway’, ‘Glory’ and ‘Lean On Me’.

Besides acting, Ethan has also co-authored the Star Trek: Cookbook which features Neelix on the cover.

After Voyager, Ethan has guest starred on 'Enterprise' and lent his voice to a Star Wars video game.

Ethan lives with his wife, Patricia Cresswell, and their West Highland Terrier, Frank, in Los Angeles.