Robert Beltran


Born, on the 19th November 1957, and raised in Bakersfield, California. Beltran graduated from Fresno State University with a degree in Theatre Arts. His love for acting began in elementary school and his passion has flourished throughout the years into an impressive list of credits.

Beltran’s extensive theatre background includes performances in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, ‘Hamlet’ and ‘King Henry IV’. He has also appeared in ‘Corridos’, ‘Rose of the Rancho’, ‘ La Pastorela’ and ‘I Don’t Have To Show You No Stinkin’ Badges’.

His feature film credits include ‘Eating Raoul’ plus lead roles in ‘Gaby’ and ‘Kiss Me A Killer’. He also starred in ‘Scenes From the Class Struggle in Beverley Hills’ and portrayed John Sturges in ‘Nixon’. In 1999, Beltran starred with Scott Bakula in the film ‘Luminarias’.

Prior to joining Star Trek: Voyager, Beltran appeared in the recurring role of Lieutenant Soto in ‘Models Inc’. His television credits include ‘Midnight Caller’ and ‘The Mystic Warrior’. He has guest starred on such programmes as; ‘The New Adventures Of Superman’, ‘Miami Vice’ and ‘Murder, She Wrote’.

Beltran is a founding member of a East Los Angeles Classic Theatre Group. This company has performed a couple of plays at California State University at Los Angeles.

Robert Beltran resides in California.